The city of Geneva is the second most populated city in Switzerland, after Zurich and it’s the most populous in the french speaking area in the country. A main European cultural Capital and host to the European Headquarters of the United Nations. Geneva’s appeal lies on its fantastic landscape and rich heritage, but also on it’s atmosphere of diplomacy and tolerance. А strong environmental conscience keeps the area’s natural beauty, and a strong social conscience reserves the area’s historic import.


How you can get into Geneva?

  • by plane
  • by car (rental or your own)
  • by train
  • by bus
  • by boat

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Get in Geneva by plane

The airport of Geneva is served by the most of the European carriers, as well as few transoceanic flights by other major carriers:

  • from Montréal’s Trudeau International on Air Canada
  • from Newark International on Continental
  • from Washington’s Dulles on United Airlines
  • from New York’s Kennedy on LX

For the past few years, Geneva is serving low-cost carriers such as Easy Jet to popular European destinations, such as Great Britain and other major European cities. If you’re arriving by airplane and planning to rent a car in Geneva, your best choice is to book a rental car earlier, to get the discount.

Get in Geneva by your own, or rental car

The European motorway network can bring you easily in Geneva, whether you’re using a rental car, or driving by your own, you make sure you have a vignette. You can skip the purchase of a vignette, you have to enter in Geneva through other crossing points as Mouillesulaz or Bardonnex. Otherwise purchase of tax sticker is obligatory in order to drive on Swiss roads.

Geneva lake

Get around by public transport

Geneva, like a lot of other metropolises in Europe, is a marvel of public transportation efficiency. TBG  (Transports Publics  Genevois) supplies bus, trolleybus, boats, and suburban railroad train service to within a few blocks of the most popular locations in Geneva and canton.

Get around by Geneva rental car

If you are willing to explore the mountainous countryside of Switzerland, or go skiing in the popular ski resorts in the Alps, getting a rental car in Geneva is you best choice, if you’re not traveling with your own of course. A large number of international and local Geneva car hire services are available in the city, and most of them are operating both in the city downtown, and the airport.

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